UKRAiNATV x StreamArtStudio

Galleri KIT

Selection of experimental practices by UKRAiNATV x StreamArtStudio team together with invited artists from Ukraine and beyond, performed in a hybrid, participatory show linking video studios in Krakow and in Trondheim. The event includes series of #streamart performances, audiovisual mashups doing live x pop-up performative exhibition in mixed realities as manifestation of our vitality in rare, fresh and hot version, like is Eastern-Central Europe now itself (in shadow of war). UKRAiNATV will mix together tv show, club event and political reflection. 

Working with information, digital forms, informal streams of signals and emotions, it plays with multi-directional gazes and over-stimulation, searching for new forms of visibility and archiving experiences as well as bitter memories... Team members and guests will be announced soon!


UKRAiNATV is an experimental, collective and cross-sectoral project in the field of media culture. It deals with new relational strategies and new HYBRiD production forms in the field of hybrid PRESENCE. It’s an Internet TV station specialized in building live audiovisual bridges, a multi-channel streaming hub, recording studio and glocal network, all at once. And last but not least a group of people…