Signe Alexandra Domogalla

Signe Alexandra Domogalla is an associate professor in dance at Institute for Performing Arts, Kristiania. Her artistic research is amongst others topics concerned with performance in and with nature as well as interpersonal experiences and embodiment in and with nature. This is manifested both through her active outdoor life and her artistic expressions. In addition her artistic research is concerned with creation of multimodal forms of performing and creating as well as research on autoethnography and personal narratives as a basis for perfomance text. In 2023 she leads the interdisciplinary research project FactArt, on Narrative Exposure Therapy in collaboration with amongst others the University in Konstanz (DE) and Matej Bel University (SK) Since 2013 she has been a part of the development of the first Norwegian BA programme in Musical Theatre and through this developed new and innovative methods for teaching multidisciplinary performing arts.