Co-Agency: Artistic Research as Transformative Practice

25 min Presentation (including Q&A)
Olavshallen: Korsalen
Entorno natural del arte

Presentation of the SAR special interest group by Jens Badura, Prerna Bishnoi, Alexander Damianisch, Joe Lockwood, Mari Sanden, followed by a Q&A

The presentation is to introduce the newly founded SIG “Co Agency - Artistic Research as transformative practice”. The aim of the group is to bring together young and emerging researchers in artistic research who want to explore how artistic research can contribute to coordinated and collaborative efforts to address societal challenges. Drawing from specific experiences and by mapping related initiatives, the group will explore and develop an advanced understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of particular artistic research approaches and methodologies contributing to collaborations with other forms of knowledge production. It should also contribute to establish more democratic and shared spaces for knowledge production and exchange with a particular focus on rebalancing hierarchies of knowledge. The SIG is intended to be a forum where research networks and project opportunities can be shared and where the application of the above discussions can be given form, either through the development of new vocabularies, curricula, academic papers, policy suggestions etc. Furthermore, it should serve as an interface to ongoing initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus, the EIT KIC “Culture & Creativity”, the EU collaborative project Cyanotypes and the COST Action "European Forum for Advanced Practices". 

Jens Badura

Jens Badura is a philosopher at University of applied Arts, Vienna. He conducts research at the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE) at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and is a faculty member of the graduate school at the Institute "Cultures of the Alps" (Altdorf/University of Lucerne). Furthermore he works as a consultant for strategic process management in the field of tension between science, the cultural sector, creative industries and politics. His work focuses on applied aesthetics, cultural philosophy and creative economies. Current projects deal, among other things, with the question of what contributions artistic modes of thought and procedure can make outside the art world, especially in the field of socio-ecological transformation processes.

Prerna Bishnoi

Prerna Bishnoi is a Ph.D. candidate in Artistic Research at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway. Her topic of research explores how labour concerns intersect with climate crisis and what role documentary practice – informed by documentary filmmaking and radical pedagogy – can play in making these interconnections visible to make labour-climate justice imaginable. Her interest is in the agency of grassroots organizing and the potential of (creating) knowledge-sharing networks within this framework. She is a board member of the Norwegian visual artist union, Young Artists Society and is a part of the steering group of Verdensrommet, an advocacy and mutual support network for 170+ non-EU/EEA creative professionals in Norway.

Mari Sanden

Mari Sanden is a PhD candidate at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where she is exploring how the potential of mission oriented research under Horizon Europe may challenge and can effectively change the conditions for cross-disciplinary research in ways that include artistic forms of knowledge production. Her research is embedded in networks and projects such as CYANOTYPES a blueprint skills alliance for the CCI, the Impact Attribution LAB, the Actionable Futures network, the COST Action European Forum for Advanced Practices, and the Strategic Topic Group Just Innovation in the EIT Culture & Creativity.

Alexander Damianisch

Alexander Damianisch is director of the Zentrum Fokus Forschung the Research Centre at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and head of the department Support Art and Research. He was re-elected member of the executive board of the Society for Artistic Research and is member of the executive board of the AIL – the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory. He is delegate to the Austrian Science Fund and vice president of ARTist, a society supporting postgraduates. He was inaugural manager for the Programme for Artistic Research at the Austrian Science Fund. He studied literature and history at the Universities of Vienna and Paris (Sorbonne), concluding his studies with a doctoral degree. Additionally, he holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Arts Management (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna). Coming from the humanities, literature and the broad field of the arts (Arts/Cultural Management) he has developed a special focus for the area of Artistic Research. He actively started to take into account the necessity for setting up adequate contexts, institutionally and in respect of funding options. In his understanding content creates frames; to achieve this caring, empowerment, support and documentation is needed.

Joe Lockwood

Joe Lockwood: From Film to Art and Design schools - co-founder of The Innovation School and The Creative Campus at The Glasgow School of Art, mentor, advisor, scholar, fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Currently, leading the development of an International Laboratory for Rural Innovation, with the Fundación Genalguacil Pueblo Museo and strategic partners in Government, Academia and Industry. Member of Scientific Committee Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehrer, the Actionable Futures Network, the COST Action European Forum for Advanced Practices, Genalguacil Lab for Open source & Arts-based Transformation Strategies is the pilot project of the Strategic Topic Group Just Innovation in the EIT Culture & Creativity.