Organum concert in the Trondheim Cathedral Nidarosdomen

Organum concert in the cathedral

Organum recital at the Nidaros Cathedral for about 20 minutes. The Nidaros Cathedral is the world’s northernmost Gothic medieval cathedral and Norway’s national sanctuary. This is not a religious event, and everyone is more than welcome to join. Be there in time – the doors open at 5.45 pm and they close at 5 minutes before 6 pm. If you are delayed and the doors are closed when you arrive, you will miss the concert - please do not knock on the doors if they are closed. It is a 15 minutes’ walk from Olavshallen to the Cathedral. We will start walking from the food court upstairs here at Olavshallen at 5.30. Please join us to find your way to the concert, you will not regret it!