How to submit a proposal for a contribution?

To submit a proposal, the submitter must be registered as a user of the Research Catalogue (RC) with a full account. Please note that the RC user validation process can take up to two weeks.
For more information about the RC registration process, you may consult the video tutorial.


To create an application:

1. Log in to the RC with your full account.

2. Go to

3. Click the [ Create Application ] button, and select
"SAR Conference 2023, Trondheim: Call for Conference Contributions".

If you do not see the "create application" button on your profile, your account is probably still a limited account, and you need to upgrade it.


Attaching an exposition to the application:

Within the application form, we will also ask you to attach an RC "exposition" of your project. The attached exposition should be made specifically for this submission purpose, and should not be previously published. As a guideline, the exposition should not demand more than 15 minutes to read. We recommend to make yourself familiar to the RC requirements well in advance of the submission deadline. A brief instruction on writing a first RC exposition is found here.

Important note: please do not "submit for review" the exposition to any of the RC portals (JAR, NTNU Trondheim etc.. etc..) or self-publish it, you can attach the exposition to your application using the application form itself. Attaching it to the form will ensure that the reviewers will be able to view and assess the content once your application is made available to them. Tip: you can attach the exposition using the title, not the url/link.


More help - RC Webinar and contact info:

A webinar/workshop was provided on 16.09.22.
View the recording.

An extra webinar workshop will be held on 18th of October 2022, at 13:00PM CEST.
To join this special workshop, please send an email to

The Committee will only accept submissions presented on-site at the Conference.

For further information, please contact the conference organisers via this webform